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Web Development

Web Development


Web development encompasses all of the tasks involved in creating websites for intranet or internet hosting. Web development involves, among other things, web design, web content creation, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security settings.

Web development, in a wide sense, refers to all of the actions, changes, and operations necessary to create, maintain, and manage a website to guarantee optimal performance, user experience, and speed.

It may also contain, but is not required to include, all of the strategic measures required to achieve good ranking in search engine results. Those responsibilities are usually related to a separate area of expertise, especially search engine optimization (SEO)

Web development is also known as website development, and web developers or (more generally) web devs are the individuals who manage a website.


Types of websites

  • Business
  • e-commerce
  • Personal blog
  • News websites
  • Online portfolio
  • Educational websites
  • Web portal
  • Gaming website
  • Secure website
  • Wiki
  • Infopreneur
  • Brochure website



A company or corporate website can provide account information and access to customers, partners, clients, and potential customers.


Any website that was developed with the goal of selling online products or services is classified as an e-commerce (electronic commerce) website. An e-commerce website such as Amazon is an example. An e-commerce website can be further divided into the subcategories listed below.

Personal blog

A blog is a type of website that focuses mostly on written material.

Personal blogs have grown in popularity over time and have become a valuable resource for sharing experiences, feelings, views, and even expertise on a variety of topics.

News websites

A news website is one that gets its material from its users, and once the item is published, all other users may vote on whether they enjoyed or liked it. Reddit, for example, is a news website where anybody may publish practically anything. It’s a fantastic resource for finding items on the Internet that you’d be interested in.

Online portfolio

The most important advantage of having a portfolio website is that it develops your online identity. The mere fact that your business/services are mentioned online offers you access to millions of people who use Google and other search engines to conduct research before deciding to work with a firm or recruit a new employee.

As a result, an online portfolio is an excellent client acquisition or job search tool. People may visit your website anytime it is convenient for them because websites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Educational websites

Any website that has material that assists in learning qualifies as an educational website. It might be a school website, a library website, a homework help website, or any other online learning resource.

Web portal

A portal is a website or service that provides a wide range of services, such as e-mail, games, quotations, search, news, and stock trading.

Gaming website

Any website that has games that may be played on the website is referred to as a gaming website. HTML5, Flash, or Java are frequently used to develop these online games. Gaming websites should not be confused with gaming content websites, which provide gaming-related material but no games to play.

Secure website

Any website that transmits data securely is referred to as a secure site or secure website (encrypted). Look for a lock next to the URL or a URL that begins with “https” rather than “http” to identify secure websites.


A wiki website is one that was built with Wiki software and is frequently updated and altered by several people.


A person who is “in business to obtain and transmit electronic information” is referred to as an Infopreneur.

Brochure website

The digital version of a printed brochure is a brochure website. They display the items or services your firm offers, but they do not sell the product or service online, unlike an e-commerce website. Customers will have to contact the firm to place an order or schedule a service on a brochure website because the goods and services are simply presented.

Process of Web Design

The web development process entails all of the necessary procedures for creating a visually appealing, functional, and adaptable website.

These steps are shown in the following diagram:

Tools for web design

Web development tools aid in the testing and debugging of web pages by the developer. Web development tools are now available as add-ons for most web browsers. This is something that all web browsers have built in.

These tools enable web developers to work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages. These may be accessed by selecting “Inspect Element” from the context menu when hovering over an object on a web page.

The following are some of the common features found in any web development tool:

  1. Decide Purpose
  2. Planning
  3. Designing
  4. Gather Content
  5. Building
  6. Testing
  7. Upload to server
  8. Marketing & Maintenance

The Document Object Model (DOM) and HTML

You can see the DOM as it was rendered with the HTML and DOM viewer. It also allows you to make changes to HTML and DOM and observe how they affect the page once you’ve done them.

Assists, Resources, and Network Information on Web Pages

Web development tools also aid in the examination of the materials loaded and available on a web page.

Auditing and Profiling

Profiling is the process of obtaining information on the performance of a web page or web application, whereas Auditing is the process of providing developers with recommendations for improvements to reduce page load time and boost responsiveness after studying a page.

Required Qualifications

The following abilities are required to be a good web developer:

Client-side and server-side scripting knowledge.

Creating, altering, and changing CMS or web development framework templates.

Cross-browser discrepancies are being investigated.

Observational user testing is being done.

Testing for conformity with defined requirements in the client location, such as accessibility standards.

Interaction with JavaScript, PHP, and jQuery, among other languages.

Advantages of Web development

The scope is enormous.

The internet is not going away in your lifetime. Working as a web developer can offer you with long-term stability and visibility. The employment market is expanding as the internet becomes a larger community on a regular basis, creating new chances for developers.

Because e-commerce is sweeping the globe, buyers from all industries are looking for web developers. Within the last decade, the need for web developers has skyrocketed, with lucrative pay packages. From 2012 to 2022, job opportunities for web developers are predicted to grow by up to 20%.Disadvantages Of Web development

Work-from-home may be a real chance

The tech industry does not operate on traditional 9-to-5 schedules. You can work from almost anywhere as long as you have reliable internet connectivity.

Plus, there’s more. If you’ve always wanted to work for yourself, this is the right job choice for you because you won’t be working for a business. Many businesses are looking to recruit independent developers and designers. You’ll work as a freelance net developer with your own clientele.

Endless opportunities to be artistic

Countless chances to express yourself artistically

As an internet developer, you get to design and build websites from start to finish. Developers are well-known for being excellent artists. You get to create something concrete that has the potential to influence your users.

For example, if you create an easy-to-navigate website for a brand, customers will spend more time on it and get more value from it. The only limit to what net developers may achieve with their creativity is their own imagination.

Disadvantages of Web development

The sport is always evolving.

The field of computer data technology is constantly changing. As a result, numerous new approaches, technologies, codes, and languages are being launched into the market on a regular basis.

If they don’t want their competitors to move ahead of them, web developers must stay up with the latest developments.

Dealing with gullible customers

The majority of web developers have to deal with clients that have no idea how a website is built. Some people aren’t even aware of the distinction between front-end and back-end developers.

As a result, they expect a front-end developer to accomplish the work of a back-end developer and vice versa. You can’t disregard their recommendations, though, because of their clientele.

Long working hours

Web developers, like most occupations, operate under strict deadlines.

If a project isn’t finished by the deadline set by the client, developers should work overtime to finish the website. If a customer is dissatisfied, they may be forced to make modifications before the deadline if no extension is granted.

Web development is becoming more popular as a career. However, before you decide to try it, be sure you’ve considered the benefits and drawbacks.