Workplace Policy

Convert Generation Information Technology – CGit Workplace On-Site Policy

1. Introduction

CGit Company (“the Company”) is committed to providing a safe and productive workplace for all employees. This On-Site Policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for employees when working on-site at CGit Company premises. By working on-site, employees agree to comply with this policy, as well as any other applicable policies and regulations.

2. General Guidelines

2.1. Attendance and Punctuality

    • All employees are expected to arrive on time and be present during their designated working hours unless specific arrangements have been made with their supervisor.
    • Prompt and regular attendance is vital for the smooth operation of the Company. Employees should inform their supervisor in advance if they anticipate being late or unable to attend work.

2.2. Dress Code

    • Employees should adhere to the Company’s dress code policy, which promotes a professional and respectful appearance. The dress code may vary depending on the nature of the work being performed, and employees should consult their supervisor or the HR department for specific guidelines.

2.3. Workplace Security

    • Employees must prioritize workplace security and report any suspicious activities, unauthorized individuals, or security breaches to their supervisor or the designated security personnel immediately.
    • Access to certain areas may be restricted based on job responsibilities and security requirements. Employees should not attempt to access areas beyond their authorized access levels.

2.4. Health and Safety

    • Employees must comply with all health and safety regulations, including but not limited to fire safety protocols, emergency evacuation procedures, and the proper use of safety equipment.
    • It is the responsibility of every employee to maintain a safe and clean working environment. Any hazards or potential risks should be reported to the appropriate department or supervisor.

2.5. Confidentiality and Data Security

    • Employees must adhere to the Company’s confidentiality and data security policies to protect sensitive information. This includes safeguarding physical documents, securing electronic devices, and using strong passwords.
    • Sharing or disclosing confidential information to unauthorized individuals is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.

3. Work Conduct

3.1. Professional Conduct

    • Employees are expected to conduct themselves professionally and treat colleagues, clients, and visitors with respect and courtesy.
    • Harassment, discrimination, or any form of offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Employees should familiarize themselves with the Company’s policies regarding harassment and discrimination.

3.2. Personal Belongings

    • Employees should refrain from bringing personal belongings that are not work-related into the workplace, unless approved by the supervisor or HR department.
    • The Company is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings on the premises.

3.3. Prohibited Activities

    • Engaging in any illegal activities, including the possession, use, or distribution of illegal substances, is strictly prohibited.
    • The use of personal electronic devices for non-work-related activities should be limited to break times and in designated areas, if applicable.

4. Compliance and Disciplinary Action

4.1. Compliance

    • Employees are expected to comply with this On-Site Policy, as well as all other applicable policies, laws, and regulations.
    • Non-compliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

4.2. Reporting Violations

    • Employees who become aware of any violations of this policy should report them to their supervisor, HR department, or use the appropriate reporting channels provided by the Company.

4.3. Amendments and Updates

    • CGit Company reserves the right to amend, modify, or update this policy as necessary. Any changes will be communicated to employees in a timely manner.


By working on-site at CGit Company, employees acknowledge their understanding and agreement to comply with this On-Site Policy. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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