About CGit

Why Us?

CGit was founded back in 2016 solely as a training institute to help students from around the world assisting them in stabilizing their professional careers and giving them the opportunities to work and study altogether. The IT world is changing altogether and is upbringing many opportunities to welcome existing and advanced technologies to work together and bring a successful product.

Hence, CGit believes in providing an enthusiastic teach-train-team model to provide professional, eccentric, and proficient educational material that will provide abundant opportunities, helping in tackling needs of both the students and the institute itself, respectively.

Whereas, CGit believes in the three T model, the model includes the following phenomenon:

      1.      Teach

      2.      Train

      3.      Team

The three T model emphasizes on providing professional development courses and teach them the concepts of different terminologies based on their capabilities, as well as, providing trainings and different working material to assisting in modernizing their lives. After a successful course teaching and training, we believe in providing opportunities to bring their knowledge out and add them to team, helping them becoming experienced and get more opportunities in their future endeavors.

We understand that everyone learns differently, so we offer a range of course formats to suit your needs. From online and self-paced options to in-person classes, you can choose the format that works best for you. All of our courses are designed to be practical and engaging, so you’ll be able to apply what you learn right away.

Our Vision

Started back in 2016, the vision included to bring the entrepreneurial sides of each student out and help them achieve wonders. The vision never blurred nor ever stopped CGit from becoming what it is today.

The world has advanced towards AI and now profitable opportunities are available in the job market, whether in-house or remote, CGit proves to be efficient and essential in bringing this educational vision to new heights by training and providing essential study material correlated with the IT world to help tackle business and industrial needs.

As a training institute, CGit has provided abundant opportunities to its people and students, zooming in at the professional development probabilities and enabling its people for future’s difficulties and hardships.

Our vision was and will remain the same for the coming years, to provide exceptional possibilities of professional careers and stabilize the structural phenomenon of students to help them secure a bright and an entrepreneurial future.

We are visionary to make entrepreneurs and professionalize the future of each student we enroll.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to conquer the current education model and introduce a stable, proactive, and an efficient education model that believes in a win-win situation for both the institute and the student. It is a mission to provide more opportunities for its students than taking from them.

The IT world provides abundant opportunities for students and freshers alike, as it stands, many companies and institutes provide prolific opportunities for people to adhere to and bring out their inner self, whereas, CGit helps the people in realizing what’s best to tackle futuristic advancements and enhance the IT world with the help of our mission, which is to provide clean, sleek, and bilateral educational model.

We believe in empowering the student to understand their inner self and assist them in seizing the opportunity they have always wanted in the first place. Our mission is to enable the students to make their dreams a reality.

It is our ultimate mission to empower individuals through education and professional development. We aim to provide comprehensive, engaging and up-to-date courses for students of all ages and backgrounds. We strive to understand the unique learning needs of each individual and tailor our courses to meet those needs.

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