Most affordable cyber security degree online in 2023

Online Cyber Security degrees impart useful abilities that are utilized to safeguard data and network infrastructure. Students gain knowledge of threat analysis, developing countermeasures, and maintaining vital security systems. One of the fastest expanding job sectors in the nation is open to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in cyber security. Cyber analysis and forensics abilities are in high demand due to the ongoing emergence of new dangers, such as viruses and information hacking. 

The majority of professionals get a head start on their careers by obtaining an online bachelor’s degree and working. Some even continue to acquire an affordable master’s degree in cybersecurity, where they deepen their education and are ready for managerial positions in the industry. Alternative courses like a degree in computer science or homeland security also result in comparable outcomes. 

For more information on rankings or to find out more about us, view our approach. For more ideas, have a look at our comprehensive list of the least expensive online degrees.

By directly addressing threats, the field of cybersecurity

 makes sure that people and organizations may

 utilize information networks safely.

Online Cybersecurity Curriculum and Courses :

Students who enroll in an online cybersecurity bachelor’s program acquire practical experience using security software while honing their critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving abilities. Mobile applications, website design and security, and network administration are just a few of the concentrations available to students enrolled in a cybersecurity bachelor’s program. They frequently have to finish a capstone project, which gives them a chance to put their training into practice.

The following is a list of typical courses for a bachelor’s program in cybersecurity.

How Can I Become a Professional in Cyber Security?

An individual with a strong technical and analytical mind will find it simpler to enter the field of cybersecurity. As was mentioned, there is currently a tremendous need for the profession. You must first comprehend the components that make up cybersecurity.

An organization hires a cybersecurity specialist to safeguard its data. As a result, numerous specialties focus on defending a company against security hazards.

The specializations available include the following:

Cyber security analysts are the experts in firewalls and encryption who guard data and keep an eye out for potential security flaws.

Ethical hackers are those who are permitted by their employers to access a system to retrieve lost data or to assess the security measures already in place.


Computer forensic analysts are professionals who recover lost data, decipher criminal data, follow data trails, and examine cell phone information, among other duties.

With thorough investigation and reliable data, you can choose a specialty that interests you. Many colleges provide training programs, diplomas, and job placement assistance to help you hone your abilities and become an authority on cyber security.


Best Online Degree Programmes in Cybersecurity

Today’s students have a variety of options when it comes to online Cyber Security degrees & courses. Based on the courses they provide, tuition costs, job placement rates, and other factors, we have analyzed some of the most reputable institutions in the nation.

We hope that this will help you choose the appropriate course depending on your needs and simplify the decision-making process.

Comparison Of The Top Cyber security Degree Programmes 

University Program Bachelors Course credit Requirement Masters

Course credit Requirement


(Full Course)

Offered Courses B.SC 

Cost per Credit

M.SC Cost 

per Credit 

Bellevue University 127 36 $19000-$54000 B.SC in Security M.SC in Security $415 $575
Purdue University 180 60 $25000-$67000 B.SC in Security M.SC in Security $371 $420
Maryland University College 120 36 $25000-$70000 B.SC in Computer network, CyberSecurity, Software development, and Policy M.SC in CyberSecurity management and policy, and Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation $294-$499 $294-$499

M.SC (DF, CI & Policy ) ($694)

Arizona State University 120 30 $47000-$87000 B.SC in Information Technology M.SC in Information Technology

Masters of Computer Science

$520-$728 $522- $1397



Utica College 160 30 $26000-29000 B.SC in CyberSecurity M.SC in CyberSecurity

Master of Professional Studies in cyber policy and risk analysis

$475 $895



Cybersecurity certificate vs Cyber Security degree

CyberSecurity Certificate Cyber security Degree
A certificate in cybersecurity is a brief course of study that can be finished in as little as six months. Technical schools, community colleges, and internet providers frequently offer these programs. Most colleges and universities offer a four-year program leading to a cyber security degree. These courses can give students a deeper comprehension of cybersecurity ideas and systems.
The majority of cybersecurity certificate programs teach the fundamentals of cybersecurity and give students the chance to practice using different cybersecurity tools and systems. Students in cyber security degree programs take cybersecurity-related classes in addition to courses in computer science, mathematics, and engineering.
Specializations in fields like network security or digital forensics are also offered by many certificate programs. People who are interested in management and leadership positions, as well as responsibilities in research and development, can profit from these degree programs.
People who are already employed in the IT industry and wish to go into cybersecurity or those looking to launch their cybersecurity careers might consider certificate programs. If you choose to major in cybersecurity, you should keep learning after receiving your cyber security degree.

If you work a full-time job, taking a full course load on top of 40 or more hours of work per week might not be feasible.

However, certifications offer more focused training in a shorter amount of time. Depending on the cybersecurity specialization chosen, certification can take up to six months to complete.

This makes it much easier for full-time employees to gain knowledge in a given area.


A typical four-year cyber security degree program lasts four years. That translates into eight semesters of full-time study at a rate of four classes per semester for those keeping track.

Four classes per semester will need at least 12 hours of class time per week, not including laboratories, homework, or study time. A master’s degree in cyber security degree might extend this timeline by one or more years.

Affordability :

But certificates only cost a small portion of that. The majority of certification fees include both the cost of the certification exam and any necessary study materials. 

Depending on the sort of certification, this could cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000 to complete.

Affordability :

According to EducationData, a public four-year college’s average annual in-state tuition is a little over $9,300. Over $37,000 is typically spent every year at a private, four-year college or university. 

Observe that this is only for tuition. With the addition of textbooks, laboratories, dorm rooms, and food plans, these numbers could rise dramatically.



Which is preferable, a degree or a certificate in cybersecurity? The answer to this query is based on your professional objectives, work history, spare time, and cost.

If you already work in the IT industry and want to go into cybersecurity, a certificate program can be a smart choice. As credentials are frequently specialized, it is also perfect for those with little to no expertise in cybersecurity who wish to begin their career in a specialized field. 

If you’re interested in a job in cybersecurity and would like a thorough education in the subject, a degree program might be a better fit.

But getting this degree might take a while, and for people who work full-time, it might take even longer than four years.


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