Unveiling Our Portfolio

We demonstrate our expertise with our portfolio featuring a wide range of projects representing various industries and technologies. Throughout the process we design, develop, implement and maintain, we provide everything from bespoke software development to robust IT infrastructure solutions. With a concentration on smooth digital transformation, we cater to businesses of all sizes.


How CGit Transforms Your Digital Landscape

Especially, in the fast-paced digital world, there is no way of avoiding having a reliable software partner, if you want to be successful. CGit stands out as a beacon of progress and excellence, furnishing advanced solutions custom-made according to varied business requirements. Let us start by understanding the elements of our portfolio that have resulted in the positive outcome of delivering excellence and innovation.


Custom Software Development

Businesses will be able to flourish in the competitive market settings due to our custom software development skills, which is our forte. Through the use of state-of-the-art technologies we build brand-specific solutions that simplify procedures, increase performance and advance development. Whether it is web applications, mobile apps, or business software, CGIT designs solutions that are much beyond the threshold.


Empowering Businesses with AI Solutions

AI, in this modern era, is a phenomenon that has inspired CGit to develop AI-powered solutions, that in turn help businesses to discover endless opportunities. By exploiting machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, our AI-enabled applications transform decision-making processes and create the desired business outcomes. Peruse what our portfolio has to offer and experience the impact it can have on your business.


Harnessing the Potential of IoT

This CGit aims to employ the power of the IoT to build a new world that cannot be matched by any other industry. Our solutions in IoT are capable of real time monitoring, data analytics and automation, which steers the way to improved efficiency in operations and better experiences for customers. Figure out how CGit harnesses IoT to create wiser and more connected ecosystems.


Revolutionizing E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce is a pillar of the digital age that forms business success. CGit focuses on programming custom-tailored e-commerce solutions that improve and take to a higher level online shopping experience. E-commerce platforms, which are intuitive for the user and secure in terms of the payment gateway, are the key to the success of online trading for businesses.


Securing Digital Assets with Cybersecurity Solutions

The cyber threats will continue to evolve in their nature, hence the safety of digital assets becomes a top priority. Beyond the CGit cybersecurity solutions, the company provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to mitigate businesses from cyber attacks and data loss. By area of network security assessment to the service of threat intelligence, we will empower organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge to combat risks and be resilient to threats.


Elevating Customer Experiences with CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) can be considered the key to success in business. CGit’s CRM solutions are the most powerful tools to enable organizations to establish true bonds with customers, drive sales and encourage loyalty. Browse through our library to get new ideas on how we help companies create personalized experiences and increase the customers’ lifetime value.


Scaling Operations with Cloud Services

Cloud computing presents a game changer for current businesses, which leads to high scalability, flexibility, and efficient cost of operations. CGit’s cloud services provide organizations with options to move, run and optimize their workloads in the public cloud. Through our range of services including IaaS to SaaS we offer end to end cloud solutions that are highly customized based on specific business needs.


Leveraging Blockchain for Innovation

Blockchain technology is the one that can transform different industries through increased transparency, security, and integrity. CGit has recognized blockchain tech as leading the way to the best solutions for different sectors. Starting with the creation of decentralised applications and smart contracts we learn how CGit taps into the potential of blockchain to create a new platform for innovation and drive the digital transformation.


Empowering Education with EdTech Solutions

The digital age brings about a new way of education with the use of technology tools.Our portfolio that gives a complete set of tools and platforms that are there for creating great learning experiences, making administrative tasks easier and facilitating collaboration. See how CGit facilitates teachers and students of all levels and age groups to learn intensively using EdTech tools.


Delivering Excellence in Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT is a crucial factor in the development of patient outcomes, and operational processes, and also introducing innovative ideas in the healthcare field. CGit’s medical IT solutions consist of products such as EHR (electronic health records), telemedicine platforms, and medical billing systems. These products enable healthcare providers to improve the quality of care and workflow efficiency.


Transforming Financial Services with Fintech Solutions

Current conditions in the financial field are characterized by the rapid adaptation of technology which disrupts banking and financial services. The Fintech solutions of CGit are the tools to enable banks, insurance companies and other financial organizations to become innovators, be able to adapt and prosper in the economy where digital is the primary factor. As a mobile banking application to the blockchain-driven payment systems, platforms, and solutions provided by CGit are the driving force behind the digital transformation of the financial industry.


Innovating in Retail Technology

Today´s retail environment is characterized by a dynamic nature – influenced by both emerging consumer trends and innovative technologies. By use of its retail technology solutions, CGit helps retailers to transition to the digital world, create so called omnichannel experiences, and generate sales. Find out how CGit combines the possibilities of technology to help retailers to win over their competitors in a fierce market competition.


Unlocking Digital Potential: Our Portfolio of Success

CGit, where innovation meets implementation, is a pledge of our firm to always provide quality services to our clients. At the heart of our software house business are the projects we undertook that proved that we can deliver excellence regardless of the industry and geographical location. The scope of CGit’s expertise includes web solutions, mobile applications, and systems that can leave clients awe-struck with their power to surpass expectations.

Here’s a glimpse into some of our portfolio:



petz is proof of our ability to create e-commerce solutions. This platform makes shopping as easy as possible with all the necessary pet goods that could be needed.



Bigroad.com brings a new direction to the world of trucking with its sophisticated fleet management system. The development of our team’s resilient solution is aimed at boosting the logistics network and improving the effectiveness of the operations.



Our company, Bonelement, is a team of pros who specialize in creating exciting digital products for healthcare. This platform, in essence, will be a complete bone health product which we shall dedicate ourselves to develop more user-centric processes and designs.



Sahamel.com is a nimble financial platform that is our key to winning in fintech technologies. CGit, the way of the future, brings along with it intuitive interfaces and advanced security features that enable the users in the present-day that are filled with many novelties.



Al Farah Restaurant in Dubai provides its vehement customers with the unmatched flavors of the classical Middle East cuisine, that can be remembered for years.



A QR System for Attendance in Employee Management can be used to streamline the marking of employees’ attendance by scanning QR codes to do so. Employees can just scan the QR code on their ID which will be captured by the system for IN time or entry time, after one hour of waiting at the exit or checkout, the time will be recorded. When they mark attendance the image will be captured as well through a system that shows the card in front of the system camera. The following features are the characteristics of it.



Find top-of-the-range Used restaurant equipment all in one place, to suit your kitchens. Come get the top-of-the-line commercial grade appliances now.



Nextgentech.io, our product, demonstrates our move to the front ranks of the globally competitive technology solutions. AI-based applications and blockchain integration serve as CGit’s go-to in the digital sphere. CGit is the leader in the digital frontline.



Looksbybia.com is a personification of our passion and drive for putting small-business players in beauty and fashion into the frontline. The site has a very appealing design and a functional e-commerce platform that makes it quite alluring to a modern beauty addict.



This site is proof of cooperation with young fashion brands. Our customized platforms help businesses translate their individuality into a universal language that is understandable and engaging to the world.



Lmsscholar.com is a virtual platform for us allowing our community to access the latest technologies that enable the development of education. The platform gives a unique learning management system with a wide range of features that are convenient for academic institutions and corporate training organizations.


CGit Blog App and Food Explorer App

Our in-house developments, such as the CGit Blog App and the Food Explorer App, are indications of how we make mobile experiences not only fun but also very user-friendly. Users can not only consume content but also be creative through CGit apps which makes their digital life more interesting.

At CGit we have a unique business model that puts the best interest of our clients as a top priority. Every project is a voyage within a complex process where we use our knowledge and skills to turn dreams into reality. A concrete example of creating new ideas, CGit is your reliable friend who will help you to meet the challenges of digitalization. Jointly, we will explore the digital arena and be able to open endless opportunities to you.

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